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Learn to differentiate between “means goals” which jeopardize our happiness and “end goals” which truly fulfill us in this video by Vishen Lakhiani.

The Biggest Problem With Traditional Goal Setting

Setting goals is obviously incredibly important for progressing in life.
But the trouble is, how do you know you’re setting the right kind of goals? And more importantly, how do you choose goals that align with your happiness?

Extraordinary by Design teaches you the distinction between means goals and end goals and why so many people ended up getting stuck later in life wondering how on earth life passed them by, because they started off with the wrong goals.

  • You Learn about how human beings get conditioned to set up goals based on brules (bullshit rules) of the Culturescape – that tangled web of human beliefs, practices and ideas passed down from generation to generation.
  • You then learn how to question the brules and design goals that lead to ultimate human, happiness, fulfilment and happiness. These goals – your end goals — fall into three distinct areas: Experiences, Growth and Contribution.
  • Within each area you then learn how to dive in deep and create a life that’s balanced in all aspects. Not just wealth, but wealth AND health AND living a mission AND having incredible relationships and more. Discover how the Three Most Important Questions leads you to a live that is Extraordinary.

The Three Most Important Questions and 12 Segments of Your Life

When you look at your goals as tools to get the experiences that make you happy, grow rapidly, and contribute to the world — you can then break your life down into 12 distinct areas. These 12 areas are so interconnected that when one is lacking, it will pull down the others. But when you elevate one, it with elevate your entire life. This is how you become Extraordinary By Design. The 12 Categories here are inspired by the Lifebook program Vishen credits in the book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.


1. Love Relationships

Your love relationships are the extent to which you love and as you improve yourself, you will improve the lives of those you love most dearly.

2. Friendships

When you see your goals as fun challenges to elevate the areas of your life, you will also enrich all your friendships with this sense of enthusiasm.

3. Adventures

Life is just an adventure in paradise if you let it be. So, pack your bags, book some tickets, and set forth on the journey that is only yours to take.

4. Environment

Peace in your environment reflects the peace within yourself, and when you take actions to beautify what is around you, it will also elevate you.


5. Health and Fitness

Your health is your lifeline and affects every experience you will have. So, learn to take the time to treat your body well and it will serve you better for it.

6. Intellectual Life

Your brain is also a muscle. It needs to be trained, used, and stimulated in order to grow. And there a certain bliss that comes with pondering and appreciating the intricate complexities of the universe.

7. Skills

Not only do you need the will to accomplish your goals, but it needs to be coupled with skill. So, cultivate your skills well, and they will serve you for all your days.

8. Spiritual Life

It is important to stay grounded in the journey of life. Remember you are a spirit with a body and not the other way around and your priorities will always remain clear.


9. Career

Work takes up nearly 70% of most people’s waking hours. So, make sure you spend this time in a career that makes your happy, allows you to grow, and contribute to the world.

10. Creative Life

Creativity is what allows you to build a bridge over an obstacle and set forth on uncharted territory. Be sure to make time to be creative and your life will be abundant with possibility.

11. Family Life

Family is one of the most cherished things about life, but also one of the most quickly sacrificed when times are hard. Take time to show them you love them, and they will never forget it.

12. Community Life

By being human you are connected to the whole of life. This includes the people in your office, your neighborhood, and city. Elevate the experience of those around you and yours will grow, too.

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